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A little bit about the studio

My studio has been a wonderful blessing. In the autumn of 2022 I moved back to Oslo after spending two years in the US. I was searching for a studio. At the same time, Galleri Ramfjord was expanding its quarters and offered this space to me temporarily. It was an experiment at first, an extension of the Artist in Residency program they had been organizing for years; only this time it became indefinite. I am tremendously thankful to them for this incredible opportunity. It provided me with the perfect working routine: the gallery has a schedule that gives some structure to my hectic brain. Having a coffee and lunch every day with the people who work there, grounds me; and still, I can go back to my space, be alone and create.

The studio is located at Dalsbergstien 7B, 0170 Oslo, and you are welcome to stop by. Gallery Ramfjord is just a few meters up the road, and you’ll have an opportunity to see the work of other artists represented by the gallery.