4. Marie Piano, 120x95 cm.jpg__PID:ce3a07bb-ee26-4cfe-9e01-94c0184f1ad6


120x95 cm
oil on canvas

2. Nathalie Window, 150x120 cm.jpg__PID:169dd04a-12b1-4fe3-8147-045d049553ea


150x120 cm
oil on canvas

5. Nathalie Cloud, 120x95 cm.jpg__PID:69e3f4dd-91d8-46e0-8e0d-deb2e6bff72f

Cloud in my livingroom

120x95 cm
oil on canvas

10. Martin Longing, 105x75 cm.jpg__PID:52a55a17-dd90-44f2-8b60-7c8462bb8b1a


105x75 cm
oil on canvas

6. Nathalie blue, 120x95 cm.jpg__PID:921dc3ae-eef2-4a71-91bd-349c24f6d50f

Yellow Light

120x95 cm
oil on canvas

1. Bernt Legs, 160x120 cm.jpg__PID:21f74c46-2cb7-40e9-be27-38648e8a3781

Day at the cabin

160x120 cm
oil on canvas

7. We're all in the mud, but some of us are looking at the stars, 110x90 cm.jpg__PID:50590adc-3be2-4ec0-b38d-666953fcfe97

We're all in the mud, but some of us are looking at the stars

110x90 cm
oil on canvas

8. Martin Cloud, 60x70 cm.jpg__PID:2a7142c4-d538-4621-bd29-e613a75978f4

Head in the clouds II

60x70 cm
oil on canvas

13. Head in the clouds, 50x70 cm.jpg__PID:f2c29daa-cbec-45c6-b063-aeb455e28ebf

Head in the clouds I

50x70 cm
oil on canvas

9. Mountain man, 60x50 cm.jpg__PID:e84218a2-10eb-4632-bdfe-488d2628201b

Mountain man

60x50 cm
oil on canvas

11. Holding on to Memories, 110x120 cm.jpg__PID:b126ef29-75c9-4775-a211-dd75b2be4c86

Holding on to memories

110x120 cm
oil on canvas

12. Safe Space, 90x85 cm.jpg__PID:b04d8f9a-9e7b-441c-a2b7-ac72ba486a2b

Safe space

90x85 cm
oil on canvas

14. Locked, 120x120 cm.jpg__PID:cc735b3a-a09a-441c-815c-09244c95c311


120x120 cm
oil on canvas

15. Kavian, 34,5x39 cm.jpg__PID:dce0d538-acc3-46ef-85b5-9b24dc48c002

Body and Mind

34,5x39 cm
oil on wood panel

19. Reidar, 60x80 cm.jpg__PID:167d026c-31cf-4de0-93b0-0d8329ec3fba


80x60 cm
oil on wood panel

20. Nathalie 46x46 cm.jpg__PID:af64109e-ce1f-4d9a-99de-daf0627cbc89


46x46 cm
oil on wood panel

21. I see you.jpg__PID:cdf28d74-a542-47a7-8574-139982573bb4

I see you

30x40 cm
oil on canvas